Ampersand Books, 2016

Ampersand Books, 2016


"Ashley Inguanta’s new collection of poems, Bomb, is an evocative meditation on the force of love’s explosive nature. Inguanta uses precise line and form to reveal a reverent, embodied experience with gorgeously layered images and metaphors to remind the reader of love’s familiar tendency to immolate. She maps the terrain of her poetry with cities, buildings, roads, and regions. Love is cartography as well as prayer and a lament. It is destructive, transformative, creative, anguished, passionate, quiet, and still. The lover and the beloved are often voiced as women, but not always. This collection is Inguanta’s heart. Bomb is so beautiful."

— April Bradley, Associate Editor, Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine and Founding Editor of Women Who Flash Their Lit.

For the Woman Alone

"For the Woman Alone is more than a book, it is an experience--it is the moment carefully carved out from the haunting past and daunting future. This collection reminds us that the moment is all that can truly belong to us--and the best of us is only found when we surrender it to another. These poems perpetually carry the scent of blueberries on a lover's breath and softly places us in the ocean. If you have ever wondered where to locate love, it resides within these pages." 

— Nicelle Davis, Becoming Judas 

Ampersand Books, 2014

Ampersand Books, 2014

Dancing Girl Press, 2013 (Print)  The Writing Disorder, 2013 (Kindle)

Dancing Girl Press, 2013 (Print)

The Writing Disorder, 2013 (Kindle)

The Way Home

“This chapbook is an accomplishment of emotion and the way words should feel, and despite the lyricism of the piece, there is a distinct narrative woven throughout. The Way Home offers a story of the bloom and loss of what Inguanta refuses to simplify with the labels “belonging” and “love.” It tells of both the hesitation from and the desperation for these labels, the way they gouge, the way they fulfill, and the way they, inevitably, take you back home."

— Danielle Dyal, from Bartleby Snopes