Film Portrait Sessions with Vintage Cameras


“I requested that we do a photo shoot when I was a resident at the Kerouac House, because I knew she would see and document the essence of what it was for me to be there. The entire process of the getting these shots felt so natural and free, and yet also creative and collaborative. I have never had pictures I have loved so well, nor that more perfectly captured the feeling of that incandescent time.” - Laura Lee Bahr, author of Angel Meat


Why I Love Film and Vintage Cameras

I love film photography because it allows for collaboration—a specific type of collaboration that DSLR photography was not designed for. The film itself has a personality: Kodak Portra is soft and crisp, while Dubblefilm feels a bit more wild, bold. No matter what film I use, though, each type offers the gift of surprise.

And the cameras! I respect and admire the way my Yashica holds light, which is different than the way my Canon A-1 responds to light.

Each film photography project I embark on is a delicate collaboration between the subject matter, the film chosen, and the camera used. Each film project I do is also a journey of trust (trust in the moment), focus (using our limited amount of frames wisely), and appreciation for a more tangible technology that grew from a different time.

What is a workshop-style portrait package?

With over 8 years of experience as a photographer and holistic educator, I custom-design each portrait session to help individuals use their voice, discovering something they would like to express.

Each portrait session can last anywhere from two to four hours, and each portrait package includes a one-hour private class with me, which happens before the photo session on a separate day.

In class, we’ll use tools like journaling, still and moving meditation, and guided discussion to prepare for our transformational photo session. Additionally, we will work together to choose the camera, film, and setting that will allow our pictures to show your fullest emotion and story.

I am interested in creating a film portrait package. What do I do now?

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